A flexible and solid group


Valcom’s is a company specialised in the trade of semi-finished aluminium products. It was founded in 1994 by Leopoldo Fidelio with the support of his wife Maria Grazia. Over the years, the company has become known and appreciated for the  quality of the raw material, the speed in handling orders and the flexibility in adapting to the diverse needs of the market.


After 25 years of activity, Valcom’s is recognised at European level as a  flexible and dynamic company. Today, it is run by Leopolodo’s sons, Carlo and Christian, who, thanks to the qualified experience and professionalism which characterise their management style, transformed the company into a leader in the sector of extruded and rolled aluminium alloy products. They also certified the company to ISO 9001 and implemented an internal management system that guarantees total traceability  of the materials.

Quality processing

Over the years, Valcom’s has expanded its range of services by implementing a department dedicated exclusively to sheet metal cutting, which features a double CNC pantograph mounted on a 36-meter long bench, to serve the shipbuilding sector and has created and manages a network of companies that can supply the final customer with all assembled welded carpentry .

In 2018, the new plant to cut plates up to 200 mm thick began operations and nowadays guarantees centesimal tolerances in cutting and squaring; the plant features an innovative chip extraction system that operates during the cutting phase. This system, combined with the movement of the material by suction cups, guarantees a surface that is free from scratches.